Friday, June 29, 2012

Data Binder

I'm definitely a binder person - everything I need to organize for myself usually ends up in a binder.  So classroom data/school year data wouldn't be any different.

What do I keep in my data binder?

- Class Lists/Important Information
- Student Data (MCAS)
- Student Data (Aimsweb)
- Grades
- Curriculum Calendar
- State Standards (Common Core)
- Team Meeting Notes
- Faculty Meeting Notes

The "No Homework" Binder

Ok, so I'm totally new to this...but figured since I am trying out so many Pinterest ideas for my classroom for next year, I wanted to start blogging about them.  The first idea that I have already completed and is ready is the "No Homework Binder."  Definitely not my own idea, since I borrow teacher ideas all the time, but figured it would definitely be useful with the lack of homework preparation I've seen with many of my students.  I'm hoping it will keep my next class more accountable for completing their homework assignments!

Basically, it's just a binder with alphabetized tabs inside, along with a reflection sheet that the kids fill out on their own and file behind their tab.  This way, I will have something to show parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences when I have a student who consistently misses homework.

So here's the binder (I borrowed the cover from

 In the inside front cover I have copies of my reflection sheet.  On the right hand side, I have all my tabs A-Z, and within the Table of Contents tab I am going to put my class lists with their homework assignments for each term.
 Here's a picture of my reflection sheet.  I haven't figured out how to link it to the document, but once I figure out how to do that I will!  So for now, a picture will have to suffice!