Monday, July 16, 2012

Donations to Classroom Homework Pass

Every year my co-teacher and I have a "Tissue Box Homework Pass" where if the kids donate a tissue box to the classroom, they get a homework pass that they can use in any of the 4 subjects.  It's worked out pretty well in the past... I usually write "Thank you, (student name)" on the tissue box to give them credit for bringing the tissue box in.

This year, one of my students always brought in a container of anti-bacterial soap for the classroom.  I always gave her a "Tissue Box Homework Pass," but I figured this year I would do a general "Donation" homework pass to encompass anything the students bring in for the classroom.

And yes...I did use Vistaprint again... same deal as the other homework passes I blogged about!


  1. Love that you started a blog Steph! Especially when you are about to give birth! Great idea...I just ordered mine :)

    1. Thanks, Laura! Just filling my time up before this baby decides to make her appearance :)

      Love that you ordered some!