Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teacher Toolbox Organizer

Ahhh... getting back into the swing of things!  It certainly has been a while since I've posted... In the past year, my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Madison, into the world.  She is now a year old and such a joy!  I've been working on decorations for her birthday party, and will post a blog on that after this weekend.

I definitely had my ups and downs this past school year with starting the year off on a maternity leave... and then trying to balance work and baby.  I think the major bumps are over now; Madison is on a great schedule... and I think I have part of my baby brain back!  I just finished my first project for my classroom this year, and it's actually something for me, not my students or anything for my classroom management.  I even had the time to make one for a friend, too!  I got the organizer from Lowe's (about $16) and the labels I bought from (  Just some cutting and double sided sticky tape, and it was all done!  I even made a second copy of the labels so I could put on the backs of the drawers, just in case I end up putting the organizer on my desk and others can see the back of it.

Here are pictures of the befores and afters...

 The organizer from Lowe's... Before

 The front of the organizer.... After

and the back of the organizer

So easy to do....and I like it so much better than some of the drawer organizers I have for my desk!

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