Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Organization Bin for Children's Work

So I finally got to finish organizing Madison's first year of Pre-School - TONS and TONS of artwork.  I'm so glad I decided to take a picture of everything she brought home - I'm in the process of making her a photo book of all her Pre-School work.  That will be for another blog entry :) 

I am so excited about how the organization bins came out!  Because I was in the mode, I already set Samantha's up, and started to set up Jackson's (of course I ran out of materials, so I'll finish his eventually ... poor third child!).

Materials I used (for one bin):
- 1 Filing bin (link to the one I ordered)
- Decal of child's name (left over from the Growth Chart decal)
- 20 Hanging File Folders and 1 Extended Tab Hanging File Folder
- Hanging File Folder Labels (picture below of the titles I used for the labels)
- 2 sheets of Avery 8163 Shipping Labels

Here's the list of titles I used for the hanging file folders:
- Medical Information
- Baby Book
- Dancing School
- Sports
- Pre-School - Year 1
- Pre-School - Year 2
- Kindergarten
- First Grade
- Second Grade
- Third Grade
- Fourth Grade
- Fifth Grade
- Sixth Grade
- Seventh Grade
- Eighth Grade
- Ninth Grade
- Tenth Grade
- Eleventh Grade
- Twelfth Grade
- College

and of course, color coded for each kid!

Labels for each of the school folders.  School Year, Grade, School Name, and Teacher Name.  I placed all the extras in a folder at the front of the bin so they're easily accessible when I need them!

My eldest helping me organize the bins!

All organized! (poor Jackson, I know!)

Here's how the Avery Shipping Labels are used to mark the school folder.

A better look at the Hanging File Folder labels.

All three bins... I love these because it makes everything uniform, and they stack up nicely!


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