Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Toolbox Organizer (again!)

So, last summer I blogged about my Toolbox Organizer that I made for my new classroom at the Plouffe (when my IRS position was eliminated for the first time).

Lucky for my permanent substitute, I left this for him when my position was reinstated in November, while I was on maternity leave.  Apparently it has been quite the hot item at the Plouffe!  I'm so glad I've motivated others to create their own! :)

Since I'm heading back into the classroom again in September, I decided it was a perfect time to create another one!  I used the same file I bought from ( and this year I just kept it to two colors.  I used the editable pages, cropped and copied just the green and blue labels, pasted them into a new page, and created text boxes over the labels using a different font.  I absolutely love how this one came out...

I even made two copies of the labels so I could label the back of the drawers, too (those pieces in the way are the drawer dividers if needed).  You never know if people will see the back of the toolbox, so it's worth it to label both sides to keep everything looking neat!

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